"Learn The Secrets And Tricks That Strippers And Strip Clubs DON'T Want You To Know"

Dear Friend,

If you are seeking a simple game plan that will enable you to walk into a strip club and walk out with the stripper or exotic dancer of your choice night after night without having to buy her affection or pay for her attention with money then you have come to the right place!  Not only will I give you a fool-proof method that ANYONE can use to attract and seduce strippers and exotic dancers, I will give you a solid, step-by-step game plan to earn VIP status at damn near ANY club!

But, before I get to far, let me tell you why you should listen to me...

I've spent several thousand nights in strip clubs for the last 15 years and I know just about everything there is to know about the strip club game.  On top of that, I know how to get VIP status in a club without spending money!  I've dated strippers and exotic dancers from all over the world; and, if there is one thing I've learned it's that they're driven by similar desires and drives.  Knowing this means I have the advantage in clubs, but, here's the catch... strip and gentlemen's clubs are designed and set up to give the clubs, dancers, and staff an unfair advantage over the customers who walk in the door.  Much like a casino, the odds are stacked against you.

Here's where I come in...

I've been on the inside for so long I can teach ANYONE how to do it!  It doesn't matter what you look like or how much money you have or spend in the club... it's all about working a solid game plan!  I even have word-for-word lines that I use over and over again to help me pull strippers out of the club and into the bedroom night after night... although we usually don't even make it out of the parking lot! :)

When I'm at the strip club with friends I help them experience some of the best nights of their lives... that's how powerful this stuff is and that's how I know I can teach it to you!  You can use my techniques on all women, in and out of the club scene, but I prefer strippers and exotic dancers because they deal with all kinds of men.  This not only make them more experienced, but also more fun; however, you are free to use this material as you wish.

Let's take a look at my book, Strip Club Mastery, and see how it will help you master strip club seduction.

"Here Are Some Of The Secrets You'll Learn"

- What the FOUR levels of mastery are and how to pass through them quickly - pg. 16

- The TRUE meaning of VIP status and the ONE thing you must do to get it - pg. 17

- What Hive Theory is and how to use it to work strip clubs - pg. 21

- How doing ONE thing can elevate your social status the second you walk in the door - pg. 23

- What the frame of mind of a master seducer is and how to project it effortlessly - pg. 25

- How to avoid making the BIGGEST rookie mistake men make in strip clubs - pg. 27

- The most important personality trait of a strip club master and how to acquire it immediately - pg. 29

- How to use your body language to send all the right signals to strippers - pg. 31

- How to use the most successful eye-contact technique to silently seduce ANY stripper - pg. 33

- What ONE simple facial expression can communicate that you must be treated with respect - pg. 35

- How to tweak your personal style to ensure a fail-proof experience with strippers - pg. 37

- The real meaning of "vibe" and how to use it to demonstrate that YOU are the life of the party - pg. 40

- What FOUR items of gear you cannot be without in a strip club - pg. 42

- What ONE tactic will GUARANTEE you say all the right things at exactly the right time - pg. 48

- What ONE easy gesture can demonstrate that you are the highest status man in the club - pg. 49

- How ONE trick with your voice will ensure you're ALWAYS interesting and never boring - pg. 52

- What SIMPLE words will attract and keep the interest of ANY stripper - pg. 54

- How doing ONE thing will make strippers think you care about what they say - pg. 55

- What the TEN motivations of a stripper are and how to use them to your advantage - pg. 59

- The number ONE rule of strip club mastery that you must NEVER break - pg. 75

- What EASY trick to do to a stripper to make her positively remember you FOREVER - pg. 77

- What TWO things you must NEVER do in a strip club - pg. 79

- What SEVENTEEN routine lines you can say to strippers to make them instantly love you - pg. 90

- What FIVE things you should say to strippers to demonstrate that you are a worthy challenge - pg. 96

- Where you should sit in a strip club to ensure you get the RIGHT attention - pg. 102

- The ONE thing you should make strippers do BEFORE you talk to them - pg. 103

- What day and what time you should show up to the club - pg. 106

- How to IMMEDIATELY improve your inner game to guarantee success in strip clubs - pg. 110

- A STEP-BY-STEP game plan for you to follow to get VIP status fast - pg. 113

- What the TEN major elements of strip clubs are and how to make them work for FOR you - pg. 115

- The SECRET person in a strip club that you MUST win the affection of FIRST - pg. 116

- How to turn bouncers into YOUR personal bodyguards - pg. 120

- How to get bartenders to keep your glass filled and not charge you ANYTHING - pg. 121

- Who your biggest threat is (it's not who you think!) and how to make them pawns in your game - pg. 127

- How to manage your new lifestyle and stay at the top of your game - pg. 133

Order now and I'll include The Strip Club Master's Cheat Sheet absolutely FREE!  This two-sided, 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper is the key to my success while in the club and in the middle of my game.  Contained on this cheat sheet is every pick-up line, conversation starter, disqualification, ball-breaker, shit-test comeback, and interesting story I've gathered during my extensive experience seducing strippers night after night and earning VIP status across the globe.  This cheat sheet is written in font size 6... so the writing is tiny... and every inch is JAM-PACKED with solid inner and outer game tactics and techniques... all at your fingertips!

Print out this double-sided cheat sheet, fold it up, stick it in your back pocket, and refer to it whenever you have a private moment to quickly diagnose and assess all possible situations and get the appropriate response with flawless timing and effectiveness.  This cheat sheet is an invaluable tool and I have literally had to fight people just to keep this wisdom safe from the wrong hands!  Initially, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to share it, but the time has come for me to pass this knowledge on.  I trust that you can handle it.

Get your game-face on and here's to becoming the next strip club master!

See you in the club,


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